As an alternative to traditional massage therapy service, we do offer chair massage to local corporate offices.  The area that we serve is primarily Midtown East and the southern half of the Upper East Side.  Chair massage in 10022 or chair massage in 10065 are our the zip codes in which we serve.

At the moment we only provide a maximum of 2 therapists per chair event.  

Booking must be done a minimum of two weeks prior to the special event and can only be booked by emailing or calling us at or (212)307-3156

Our prices range by the number of therapists needed for the event against the amount of time they are requested to be there.  All figures have been based upon the area which we serve and limited only to that area.

Benefits of Office Chair Massage

  1. It's a rejuvenating experience in the middle of the workday.

  2. Chair massage lowers blood pressure.

  3. Increases creativity.

  4. Reduces pain that comes with a lack of movement.

  5. Provides relief for headaches.

  6. Brings mental clarity during the workday.

  7. Employees can learn better self-care techniques from our licensed therapists.

  8. Makes it easier to sleep at night.

  9. Increases employee satisfaction, which is known to improve their quality of work.

  10. Reduces employee turnover. 

What we bring

  • Massage chairs

  • Licensed massage therapist(s)

  • Cleaning supplies for our chairs

  • Clean materials to rest your face on our chairs

  • Promotional goodies

  • An elite professional experience

What we will need

A small space such as a conference room or a large empty space for our therapists to work.

What to expect from a chair massage

  • A treatment of 10 to 15 minutes.

  • You keep your clothes on.

  • Massage is done without lotion or oil.

  • Therapists can work your back, neck, shoulders arms and hands while in the chair.

  • Professional massage from our licensed massage therapists that comes to your office.

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