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We are setting a higher standard in an unstable world.

At Elite Healers massage therapy we look to elevate the quality of massage therapy you receive with each and every treatment.  Massages should result in progress, providing you with greater mobility, improved recovery from daily life, and reduction of muscular pain.  We combine the latest information with highly trained practitioners to give you a top-notch treatment.


Part of what to expect when you book with is us is we give you a thorough intake asking you about your overall health, injury history, medications you are taking, along with your main problem that brought you in for a massage therapy appointment.   After that, if our therapist deems it necessary then they will also take you through a visual assessment and/or a walking/gait analysis, where the therapist would look for imbalances related to your main issue.   This quick 5-minute intake and assessment allow our therapists to create a customized treatment plan for the session.


After your session, our therapists will take note on what they found, what they did and any suggestions they gave you to help between sessions.  This allows us to have a treatment history, customizing your treatments over a long period of time. 


Massage Therapy


Elite Healers is a Massage therapy company focusing on treatments based on Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Medical Massage, Swedish & Thai Massage. 


Our focus is on providing the highest quality treatment possible, allowing the people we treat to live with less pain, improved movement, & sleep better.

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