• Adam Cardona

Benefits of stretching your chest | How to stretch your pectoralis major

We use the muscles in our chest more often than we realize and is partly why we have to care for them with stretching and massage. Those chest muscles, well their proper name is the pectoral muscles. We use the pectoralis major and minor muscles every time we push forward, reach out for something, pick something or someone up, which includes picking ourselves off the ground we use those muscles in our chest.

All this activity and we have not even taken into account that this doesn’t even consider the fact that when we sit down to read or work on a computer we shorten our pectoral muscles. The shortening of our pectoral muscles happens because of what’s known as an isometric contraction. An isometric contraction is when you hold the muscle in a shortened state for a long period of time with no movement and that can really stiffen you up if you do it for too long.

Doing this for hours at a time creates the need to stretch your chest. You can stretch your chest muscles with just a door frame, and proper form.

If you would like to stretch, then let’s start by:

(1) Standing near an open door.

(2) Then face away from that door frame.

(3) After that you will reach back with the palm on the side you want to stretch and hold the door frame softly with your palm.

(4) Now take your torso and rotate your body away from your hand, until you hit the end range of motion.

(5) Make sure that you are standing straight with a posture that supports your spine and pelvis.

(6) Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and breathe deeply.

Doing this after a workout or long day will be a healthy habit that will keep your chest muscles loose, your posture proper, and keep the stiffness away.

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If you would like to watch a video on how to stretch your pectoralis major muscle then please watch our video and skip to 6:27 into the video to watch a demonstration on how to stretch your chest muscle.

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