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Everything you should know about a Massage Therapy

A massage is a luxury! This is a conventional belief that many people can simply do without massage therapies and spa appointments. But that is no longer the case since massages offer so much more than simple relaxation. There are many options that pop up when you search ‘massage near me,’ and it may be tough to narrow down what’s suitable for you without having all the information. So, we have brought everything you should know about massages and why these routine massage therapies are integral for physical and mental health.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy has existed for several decades, more popular in Ayurvedic, Chinese and other eastern medicine systems. It is, however, witnessing unprecedented growth in the west too. It was considered an alternative or fringe approach, but it has become much more mainstream in recent years. Its growing popularity is evident from the fact that many insurance companies have started offering coverage for massage treatments since they have proven viable options in many physical and mental health cases.

How does massage work?

Massage brings about physiological changes in your body through:

· An involuntary response of the nervous system called the relaxation response (that’s the mainstream massage technique and touch).

· The body experiences physical effects, also called mechanical responses, right when soft tissues are exposed to pressure.

If something catches your eye during your meticulous research for ‘best massage near me’, then be sure to check out their credentials and procedures. Remember that the wrong technique can cause long-term harm. Read for further details below.

Relaxation Response

Safe, precise touch is implemented to invite relaxation. This produces a relaxation response along with pain relief. In this tranquil state, your breathing and heart rate slow down, your blood pressure is lowered, stress hormones are diminished, and hence your muscles relax. The relaxation response instigates the release of the hormone serotonin, which positively affects thoughts and emotions. Many other benefits are thought to be associated with the relaxation response, such as reduced stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, and psychological issues.

Mechanical Response

The physical manipulation that happens through a massage has two significant impacts:

· Improvement in blood and lymph circulation, which results due to soft tissue massage.

· Normalization and relaxation of soft tissue which reduces painful spasms and contractions.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Anyone who’s facing stress, anxiety or minor tension during the daily routine, has suffered an injury or been victim to an accident can benefit from these smart benefits.

1. It alleviates depression and anxiety

The human touch in a safe, friendly, and professional context is exceptionally therapeutic. Many studies have found that patients with chronic diseases or those struggling with depression and anxiety were much more happy and relaxed after a massage.

2. It counteracts all the sitting

Most people are suffering from postural stress, which tends to manifest itself in the shoulders and the neck. Long term sitting like most desk workers show advanced stress that turns into chronic pain in the lower back and gluteals. Regular massage therapy can eliminate all such stress, which can balance out all the postural stress.

3. It eases muscle pain

Sore muscles are something everyone can relate to and probably what motivated you to search for a suitable ‘massage near me’ in the first place. Massage therapy improves and enhances blood circulation, which reduces muscle pain and gives a soothing sensation.

4. Improves overall quality of life

Massage therapy improves sleep, which is a pivotal factor in enhancing all areas of life, such as productivity and immunity. This, in turn, transforms your life into a well-oiled machine where you perform at your optimal level.

Massage therapy can be life-changing, and it’s definitely worth a try but only with an authentic massage therapist with appropriate experience and not the first one that shows up on your search result for ‘massage near me.’ Ditch those pills and adopt the original mood enhancer: Massage Therapy!

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