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Treatment service options

30 minutes

Ideal for when you are in a rush.  Great for treatments that focus on one local area of the body or to get your body ready as part of your pre-event preparation before an athletic event later that day.

1 hour

It's the traditional standard when it comes to massage therapy.  A 1-hour massage provides the right amount of time to improve circulation. 

An hour is great for treating one particular part of the body with Deep Tissue Massage therapy, or as a treatment for a muscle causing chronic pains.

90 minutes

It's an ideal amount of time for a Deep Tissue Therapy Treatment to a large area of the body.  90-minutes is ideal to help resolve issues regarding posture, chronic pains throughout the body and recovery from a very demanding lifestyle.

2 hours

For the individual that wants the most value per visit. The two-hour session allows your therapist to provide a full-body Deep Tissue Therapy treatment.

It's really useful for those who have many spots on the body they want to be treated.